Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Libya

husband asked me to publish this idea. and so i wrote. and he emailed to libyantv.
been a while...a long while. so happy to see family and friends in Libya back online. so am back too. planning to get serious with my writing and make a career out of it.
quite hard though since i can't write without my heart in it...usually it gets me into trouble. This time however, it is something more tamed and full of love. here goes:

A National Heritage Site for The New Libya
The rubbles and ravage caused by the war in my homeland is nothing as compared to the forty two years of inner desolation of our people. The liberation amidst physical damage now brings forth vision for the future of new Libya. Beginnings may be awkward but our hopes are fueled with almost everything we see- the breaking down of the tyrant’s strongholds, lifeless bodies of martyrs, ashes…But the bright light I see is in the vast accumulated wealth of the previous regime- properties, villas, cars, yatch, weapons, silver, gold, bronze…in all kinds of forms. These all seem to be up for grabs for every citizen who has gained access into their abandoned properties, after all, Libyans deserve this. The question however remains, how do we, as a people of peace and honor properly appropriate this wealth that cost billions?
Let us all be reminded that every piece of expensive property of our once oppressor is a symbol of a martyr’s blood, or tears of our mother, sister, friend, or sweat of our forefathers. Not a single piece deserves a place in any Libyan home. Everything, and I mean everything, including Aisha’s piano and golden sculpture, the water or tiles from their swimming pools, chandeliers, spoon and fork from which they ate from, mukets from where they once sat upon, talking and laughing over sumptuous food and the most expensive tea while a large part of the country suffers in poverty…Every single piece deserve a prison where people of the New Libya can mock at glory turned upside down and in honor of all the heroes who fought for the country’s freedom.
Let us create a National Heritage Spot for these things----although these were acquired by unclean hands, these are reminders to keep our integrity, so that a death in the family, the memory of our tears and wounds, will never be put to waste. Every single dime or penny that goes into this place through tourism will go to the Heroes Fund- equal shares to the families of the martyrs. We all should know that those who died fighting for freedom also died to leave a lasting legacy. Include photos and names of the soldiers and martyrs, gun shells, all kinds of weapons,---all for the glory and honor of the New Libya, and as reminders that these things are used for defense and never for offence. Include all expensive perfumes of the cruel family, to remind us of the stench of the massacre and their merciless murder of women and children. Include the dresses of the women in their family, to remind us of the rape of our beautiful mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters. There are countless more…that I can hope to leave to a Council to decide and organize if Libya would open up to this idea.
My hope that no single thing that was taken out of the former regime’s houses will have its place in any Libyan home. Remember, all these deserve a prison. All these deserve to create for us a memory of our sufferings, our revolution and a prime example of what we never should become. We are already wealthy, full of love, and peace and honor. What we need is fortitude to keep our character strong as it always had been so we do not lose sight of what is essential----FAMILY and FREEDOM.
Let us consider this: A NATIONAL HERITAGE SITE- for Ghadaffi family’s properties…sort of a Museum of Madness that will consequently honor the Libyan people and at the same time keep their feet firmly on the ground.
From a Libyan Son: Tarik Khalifa Farjani via Noeme Grace Tabor


Lebeeya said...

Absolutely love the idea, my family and I have been discussing this for days. Bab Al Azizizyah, Aisha's house, etc. should all turn into touristic destinations. First of all it will boost the economy, bring in more tourists, and keep the Libyan people proud of the liberation and accomplishments of freeing Libya from Gaddafi and his goons.